A-Level Maths Tutor in Chester

Looking for expert tuition in A-level Maths? Want to achieve the highest grade possible? Would like Maths to be easier, clearer and even interesting? Want real answers to your more complex questions? Already working hard but want to find our how to work smarter and more efficiently because there just isn't enough time! Or just need to improve on poor AS results?

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We really believe the answer is one to one coaching by an enthusiastic expert tutor who is able to help you develop a deep understanding of  Mathematics and learn to apply your knowledge in the most efficient way. Then you will develop a real confidence which will help in class, with assignments, in exams and even help you through University. Don't just take my word for it read the reviews on Trustpilot below. 

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Top class tutor!

I met Greg when I was studying for my A-Levels after lots of positive reviews from friends. After really struggling in both Core Maths and Mechanics in year 12, I obtained a C grade in my AS maths, despite needing A's to achieve a place at my desired university. Therefore, I decided to have a tutor to help me through my re-sits and A2 maths. Greg was brilliant! He was able to explain complex concepts to me in a way that was easy to understand and tailored his sessions to the student. Additionally, he was approachable, patient, professional and a genuinely nice bloke! I am now studying at a Russell Group university after Greg helped me achieve my A grade. Greg helped me massively and his approach has even inspired me to take on the role of a student mentor in secondary schools. Thanks Greg! I would 100% recommend MandGCTutors!

Chris Morrison gave 5 stars

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Great tutor

4 years ago while taking my A levels I was struggling with my further maths work, my school only scheduled 2 hours per week of lessons, so consequently I was left to do the rest independently - clearly a very hard task. This is why I decided to use Greg as a tutor. He took a very friendly approach in helping me understand the new, alternative mathematical concepts that were presented with the further maths modules, and would often make the problems more interesting by explaining real world applications they could be used for. Overall I received solid A level results and have now completed a mathematics degree at a Russell group university. Greg is also very caring and interested in his students futures, he has subsequently kept in touch with me over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend Greg and MandGCTutors.

Toby    gave 5 stars

Literally changed my life

I hold Greg Cox personally responsible for getting me into university. I wasn't the greatest student, often not completing work that had been assigned to me. However Greg never gave up on me and was always supportive. He made the subject matter more interesting and easier to understand than what I learned in lessons at school. Ultimately, I would never have achieved any where near what I did in my A-levels and my life today would be completely different.

Jack Little     gave 5 stars

I wouldn't be in uni without his help! Greg Helped me turn around my A Levels. Everything was wrong about my work ethic, study techniques and attitude towards Maths and Physics. He gave insight into how everyday items work, which enabled me to appreciate and better understand physics and mechanics around me. A body other than school in which work had to be handed to. This helped increase my productivity, and I was also provided with constructive feedback. A direct approach on how to understand what format and style of questions will be asked, this helped to develop my confidence and exam technique. An ability to explain concepts beyond the depth provided in textbooks. Often I found textbooks to be very shallow and unable to provide me with a true understanding at A level, Greg was able to aid me with this.

William Buckley    gave 5 stars

Excellent physics tutor Greg provides an excellent service. My understanding of this subject has improved significantly not only the theory but also a broader knowledge in general. Greg was polite, punctual and very professional in his teaching and I would certainly recommend him. I certainly wouldn't have got the grade I needed to get into university without his help. Thanks Greg.

Daniel Wallace    gave 5 stars

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How Tutoring Works

We're confident that once you start tutoring with us you will be delighted with your progress. For that reason we do not ask for any long term financial commitment from you. All you need to do is contact us, with your parents approval if you are under 18 years, and arrange a first lesson. At the first lesson we will go through things that you want to work on and also look at some searching pre-prepared physics questions. At the end of the hour we'll review it, with your parents, and agree a way forward, usually a lesson a week. Tutoring costs £28 for the first lesson and for each following hour's lesson.

Time to first Maths exam

There are now only weeks left to be tutored for the C1 maths exam on 16th May 2018. That is if you exclude the school holidays.

Maths & Physics Tutor Greg

Greg CoxFor over ten years I have specialised in coaching A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics. My students have a very high success rate in achieving admission to their first choice universities, mainly Russell group. They give me glowing reviews. If you want to discuss your particular requirements, please feel free to call

Maths is Amazing

Maths is fundamental to life, it is relevant to so many other disciplines, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, but most of all it can be a fascinating in it's own right. But despite all that it can be quite easy to understand and in which other subject could you be sure of 100% in an exam paper, because if maths is correct it's right! Maths of Mandelbrot

Take A Video Tutorial Now!

Below is one of my "Concepts of Mathematics" videos, it will give you an idea of the way I explain Maths to make it more relevant and give you a deeper understanding of the key parts of your syllabus. It is so important to gain a really in depth understand of Maths in order to attain to the higher grades at A-level. Examiners are so good at asking searching questions where a superficial understanding just won't get you through. So watch my video.

Going deeper into Maths

If you really want to test yourself, then try out the international exams, for Edexcel these have the prefix R. But if you are preparing to study maths at university or you have to take higher level papers, try out the Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)or the Oxford University Maths Admissions Test(MAT) papers.